Why should your child study MUSIC?

There are many benefits to studying music as a child (and practicing / performing music as an adult!). Below are a number of interesting and informative videos, links, and stats that discuss all of the ways that participating in music can benefit students mentally, physically, and socially/emotionally.


How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

Check out this video by TED-Ed that discusses the benefits of studying an instrument has on the brain.

The Benefits of Playing an Instrument | Althea Albert

Straight from a child herself - here is a TED presentation from a young musician

5 Benefits of Music Education

Timothy Cranfield, 21, from Newcastle, England, talks about music's impact on his life, including mental health, self-confidence, tuning out distractions, career prospects, and just having FUN playing music.

ESPN Sport Science Meets ALADDIN: The Genie Marathon

This video is a great view into how performing music can promote physical activity and fitness.